How it works

Buy 4 All



Go to the Buy 4 All page of your club and click on the links to a shop where you want to buy.



Now simply shop as usual. By clicking on Buy 4 All you do not have to pay any higher prices at the shop.



Depending on the type of goods, between 2% and 10% of your purchase go to your club. Every purchase helps!

Our most common

Questions and answers

  • How does Buy 4 All work?

    To donate to your favourite club, simply click on the link to the shop before making your purchase.

    The shop will know that you came through the Buy 4 All page of your club and will pay a fee to Buy 4 All after your purchase.

    Buy 4 All transfers the collected fees to your club once a quarter.

  • Why doesn't it cost me anything?

    For you no prices change, but the shop provider pays Buy 4 All a remuneration, which passes Buy 4 All on to the club or the thing of your choice.

  • Why do shops pay Buy 4 All?

    The shop providers pay Buy 4 All through a so-called affiliate system. Shop providers pay any money that brings them buyers.

    Buy 4 All uses this system to help clubs and non-profit organizations throughout Europe collect donations.

  • How much will be donated?

    The amount of the donation results from the value of your purchase and the so-called affiliate fee, which is between 2% and 10% depending on the type of goods. The share depends mostly on the margins of the shop, so electronic products are often remunerated with only 2-3%, with perfumes and books there are up to 10%.

The newest clubs

@ASV  The Association of the Altsalemer Association collects donations from all members via Buy 4 All.


Shopping and doing good!

Buy from over 40 participating companies and donate to a project or association of your choice with every purchase. Among the participating shop providers are a few of the top-selling companies, for example:


With Buy 4 All you support a thing of your choice with every purchase at your favourite online retailers.